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Choosing the right amount of support can be tricky, especially at the beginning when you may not know how much time or work you will need help with. I offer two types of service, a pay as you go where the time I work for you is tracked and billable at the end of each month or a retainer package where you pay for a set number of hours a month payable in advance.

Flexible PAYG Hourly Rate £30 per hour

I track the time that I work for you using Toggl and a breakdown will be provided with your invoice. The advantages of the PAYG service could be a good way to work out how many hours you need per week/month before changing over to one of my retainer packages, or it could be that you have adhoc project type work.

Monthly Retainers Rate £25 per hour

Again, the time is tracked and a monthly breakdown will be provided on your invoice. The advantages of using a monthly retainer are that the rate is slightly less than the PAYG option and you also secure the hours that I work for you each month.

These are offered in blocks of 5, 10 or 15 hour packages.

5 Hours per month = £125
10 Hours per month = £250
15 Hours per month = £375

These can be increased or decreased as and when you feel you need more or less support each month. Retainer packages are billed in advance so you will be billed for the hours worked in September in August. Any unused hours will not be carried into the next month.

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